Black Rook ! Games and fun
The games still lack some settings to include in the Server. All and each one of the game they are also developed in C++, with the Allegro library. Is prepared for be portable to OS/2 and Android movile, but in this moment only work for GNU/Linux.


The classic game of the laberint, but this try include the Zooms, enemys, any objects, and the most varied challenges that you can imagine.
The levels is in correlatives or defined by the user, according to the chosen options.


Maybe it's one of the best games of strategic board and the most recognized. But regrettably the least played worldwide. With this game in you hands can will be able to playing with other players, manage your kifus, share, and edit in the real time.


To no stay with the desire if you like this game. Still have a look very easy, only its functionality is finished.


The classic game of minesweeper. It's finished, but without move to the Server. So that it is not so boring there are a few things that still need to be added.


A simple children's story to hang out. Not have the spoiler, so it's up to you to see it yourself.


The first game that have this Server. A board with animated pieces that move strategically to the style checkers/chess. It depends on your skill and wisdom to know how the pieces work during the game, not always work the same.


The snake must search and eat the numbers. A version visually enhanced of Nibbles of QBasic. Is played from the Terminal.


With the retro style of the Arcades. Pack-Man must deal again with the Ghosts, but this time the Ghosts are furious of so much evasion! Can you overcome all levels out of place?


Fun 4-in-line multiplayer game.
With a simple appearance you can configure and choose modes.


Not is a game. Only is useful for test that in you Machine or device all work fine.


Nothing out of the ordinary. Except that now you can playing in real time with other friends.