Black Rook ! Games and fun
BlackRook is a Deep Blue Online Multiplayer Games that carries games, user accounts, Chat, forum, file storage, and other services.

This Deep Blue exists since 2012 (but this project has been in force for many years before), its purpose is to replace any of the other existing networks and maintain a better environment for users who love programming, games and art, to enjoy together.
Users can even create chat channels, games, and apps using Deep Blue itself, and earn a living controlling their own shows.

To know more about what this Deep Blue BlackRook consists of, choose either of the two user modes:
Programmer Player/User

BlackRook was called SuperPez, S.P., or ServPro, so don't be scared if you see something different! The applications are functional, but it is still under construction, if you see that something is wrong, warn.
The download are in the menu below the title. And here a commemorative image of the first game that has had multiplayer:


- Supports Chat and Multiple Channels in Chat and in the Game, if you offer to manage new Chat Channels we will take it into account. This may be your opportunity to promote your new Chat Channel!
- Exchange your euros for Blue Crests (CAs) and keep them on your favorite Server! You can use them later to read stories, play games or use them for other services!


- IRC: irc.freenode.net - Canal: #BlackRook (#BlackRook-dev By maintenance reasons)
- Twitter: @KillerWasp_

Any advice, submissions, requests, errors, criticisms or bugs that you can report is very important and is always saved in the list of pending tasks to be occupied in the development stage.


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